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Never Again - Horror/first-person Quest. The main essence of the game is research locations and puzzles, plunging in the dramatic story of a little girl suffering from asthma.

The main character - Sasha Anders, a thirteen-year-old girl who awakens from a nightmare. The world seems to be upside down for her. Everything becomes so strange. The house is imbued with loneliness and longing and it seems strange to our character considering it was always dominated by love and harmony. Everywhere except for the heroine's room, suspiciously darkens, without even a single sound. Her parents and younger brother have gone missing. The girl is smart and sensible beyond her years, but each person has their own fears, and sometimes they cannot cope. This is especially troubling Sasha, due to the slightest fear, she feels suffocated. The story that we'll tell you penetrates deep in your heart and leaves the experience forever. The saddest part of this mystical tale, is that it is not a tale at all. This is the story of a little girl, the story of Sasha Anders.

No magic, fairies, fairy tales
There are a lot of empty stairs.
Only traces on a thin neck
And deepest scars on your back.

The Head is habitat for demons,
The Heart is shelter of the evil.
All your bones sore from the fear,
The voices scream get out of here!


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This game was amazing, It was scary especially that doll becoming a monster part, I like it. 

Hi! Thank you :) 

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Es bueno el juego. Lo único que no me gustó fue el puente....ese puente!!!!! por él se alargo el juego. Tambien faltan pistas o ayudas para saber por lo menos que área de objetos tocar o mover...y no me refiero a que pongan un camino luminoso para saber a dónde debo de ir, sino textos o acertijos. Falta musica que acompañe los sustos. Por morir tanto llegue a conocer tanto el juego que no he sentido miedo.

Went into it thinking oh this is just a demo, probably gonna have some bugs and be janky... boy was I wrong! This was awesome! Can't wait to see the full game! Here is the link to the let's play I did of it! 

Hi! Thank you for your let's play video! We enjoyed this:)

Very atmospheric and professional! One note - don't be too sensitive camera control, sometimes annoying. I will wait for the full version!

Oh I liked this! The game itself looks gorgeous, and having a youngling as the main character is a great idea too, it's not something we see a whole lot of in the horror / thriller genre.

I had a wee bit of trouble with the bridge (as you'll see in my playthrough!), but you know, it was totally worth the effort in the long run, and the whole experience was great (and creepy, mustn't forget creepy).

Keep up the awesome work, really looking forward to seeing more =)

This was amazing and that monster was unique and crazy. I CANNOT wait until the full game is out! I'll be looking out for it. Thank you for your creativity!

Hi Simi! Thank you so much for your video! :) We enjoyed this! Hope you'll check the full version out soon!

A doll monster XD I had fun, looking forward to seeing what you do with this game!

Thank you so much! :)

I love this demo! i think the gameplay is just right, graphics are very good and i like the puzzle ellement in it. not to hard but you need to think. i like it! cant wait for the full game.

Thank you! We loved your video too! Amazing:) 

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What a wonderful game! Very interesting concept, I loved it and hope to get a full release in the near future!


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Thank you so much for your amazing video :) 

Definitely not what it seems to be! I thought it was a walking simulator but as soon as I went into the closet... everything changes! I hope she finds whatever she's looking for! Let's play hide'n seek!

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Hi! Thank you so much for your let's play! We really enjoyed this!

Pretty good stuff, looked very nice and played pretty well. Definitely interested in seeing more as the project develops, nice work!


Thank you so much!:)


Hey there, for only being a demo it was quite good. I have high hopes for this game! The game pulled me in right away with the intense search for the inhaler, and from then on the atmosphere remained eerie.

Visuals wise the game is beautiful, although I could only max the resolution out at 1080p which was slightly disappointing, as I use a 1440p monitor, but it was still a gorgeous looking game. 

The puzzles were pretty cool as well, they weren't too difficult, just took a little bit of thinking to get through. 

All in all, it was a great demo. The has a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing more.

I hope you don't mind but I made a short let's play of the game.

Cheers and best wishes!

Hi! Thank you so much for the detailed review! We enjoyed your let's play! 

This is one of those games that I really hope ends up getting a full release.  It was so much fun and so well made that I just want more! Amazing job and I cant wait for the full game! GO ASTHMATICS!


Thank you! 

Very cool Game! I enjoyed the demo so far can't wait for the full game to be released! :D 

Thank you!!:)


Nice work, clean graphics, smooth gameplay, the mechanic to physically move the mouse in the direction you want to open drawers and doors is nice.  Took a little getting used to.  The ending was unexpected as well, gives me a lot of high hopes for the rest of the game.  There are some more thoughts in the video below, good luck with the full release!


Thank you!

I had a nice experience playing it. Only the menu system it's kind of clunky, but overall it's a good game!

You've finally uploaded the demo on itch and gamejolt, I hope the best for your game. Keep up the good work!

I enjoyed that demo, there is a lot of quality in this game and I look forward to the full version, let me know how it all goes.  5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Hi! Thank you so much!;)