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Hello dears! It's time to tell you about who we are and why we create the game for so many years. 

We are a young couple from Russia. We have been together for 7 years and 4 years we create a computer game «Never Again». This is our first project and, to be honest, it is difficult to imagine our life without it. First of all, the game is based on the story, emotional experiences and then the game component.

My name is Inna, I write the script, also adapt the game for the English-speaking audience and I am the voice of the main character. Valentine makes the game itself, the characters, he creates a virtual world for our story. And also writes an amazing music that you can check during the game.

Because it's more than just a game to us, we strive to make it as good as possible. But due to the fact that there are only two of us in the team, the development takes a lot of time. But nevertheless, our goal is to convey the meaning of the story and emotions to the player exactly as we see it.
For all these four years we had to tell dozens of times about the game to different people, to answer the same question: "so what is your game about?" And every time we go away from the answer, because we can’t tell what our story is about, because it will be a huge spoiler and a mistake on our part. 

The ending is the heart of our game. But we will make you happy! Very soon there will be a release of the full game and you can immerse yourself in the story of our Sasha Anders. You will be able to pass through all her fears, go through all the difficulties she had to face.
We hope that this game will leave a mark in your memory, after you pass it to the end. We want you to read it as a book, and the gameplay only helped to dive into the story.

Finally, we have chosen the final release date. The game will be released on may 9. It doesn’t always go as planned, especially in indie development. Due to the fact that we did not have time to make a release in March, we are launching another 50% discount.

If you want to support us and buy the game at the time of release, then add the game to the wish list. It was a long journey. There is very little left, the finish line. Below you will find a new trailer for the game Never Again. Thank you for being with us!


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