Version 1.4 Update

  1. I fixed a very serious bug: if you go to the main menu and start a new game so some variables are not reset to default. It broke the game. But if you exit the game and then start a new game, all the process worked fine. Now everything is OK.
  2. One more serious bug: if you completed the first Chapter, then went out into the hallway and looked into the keyhole of the next door, you didn't see the ending of the first Chapter. It was broken. You could only hear the sounds of the ending. Sorry, if someone got this bug. Now it’s OK.
  3. Sometimes the heartbeat didn't work during the asthma attack. 
  4. Also sometimes after death at the hands of the Doll Golem there was an asthma attack in the lighthouse. Now it works well, I guess. I hope I didn't break anything ...
  5. The puzzle in the cave now is more clear. If you do not connect correctly the parts of the electric meter you will see sparks in the place where you made a mistake. Also I added the special sound if you touch the meter under voltage.
  6. I've fixed respawn near the boss. The boss could kill you immediately after your respawn. That was the problem. Now the respawn is in the most distant point of the monster. 
  7. I've done the optimization for the first meeting with the Doll Golem! Now you won't see the delay at the moment when he rises. I know that this episode wasn't so good because of this thing, but now everything is cool!

If something goes wrong, let me know, please! Thank you for join us!


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Version 1.4 Sep 04, 2017

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